Olba Kingdom / Temple State

Olba Kingdom was an ancient kingdom in south Anatolia. It was a vassal of the Seleucid and Roman Empires.

In the first era, a polity called Olba Kingdom or Olba Temple State was founded in the province of Mersin. Small-state Olba spent the most of its history as a vassal of dominant nations like Seleucus and the Roman Empire in the region. The numerous antique monuments in the province of Mersin still bear witness to this state.

olba kingdom

Calling The Olba Kingdom also as a “Temple State” Olba has also been an important religious center. Especially in the Christian period, this situation manifests itself in religious architectural remains other than written sources. These include the remains of a large church located to the west of the acropolis of Olba, the remains of many small churches located on the acropolis, and the remains of a monastery spread over a large area in the valley to the east of the acropolis, where the aqueduct is located. Olba continued its importance in the Early Christian Period as the center of the diocese. During this period, Olba and the nearby diocese became separate episcopal centers. In the diocese of Olba, as a sub-unit of Seleukeia, the center of the archdiocese of Isauria, the other dioceses of Isauria and Cilicia Diocaesereia, Kelenderis, Claudiopolis, as well as other dioceses,  from the beginning of the 10th  century. it has been attached to the patriarchate of Antiocheia until the 7th century. That’s the reason why The Olba Kingdom was also named as “Temple State”

The entrance to Olba is free of charge, and the site is unguarded. The ruins are scattered over the vast area so be prepared for a lot of walking and climbing to the Acropolis. There are some information boards in Turkish and English, but some of the ruins have no descriptions at all. HomeTur.

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