Throughout history, Turkey has been a home to many civilizations, making Turkish culture very rich. With its cuisine, handicrafts, music, , and other traditions, Turkey hosts some of the most diverse cultures in the world. The Turkish people are hospitable and warm-hearted, and always welcome foreigners with love.
Turkish culture and traditions always warmly welcome foreigners, combined with Turkish tradition of hospitality, helps foreigners living in Turkey lead a more comfortable and happy life. Learning Turkish helps foreigners looking for a job or life discount in Turkey to better communicate with the Turkish community. It also provides a great advantage for those who want to experience Turkish culture and be open to a rich and diverse culture.

As Hometur, we encourage Turkish culture to foreigners living in Turkey and strive to offer special services to the opportunities offered by them. We offer various services to meet the wishes of foreigners who want to invest in real estate in Turkey and to help them touch Turkish houses closely.
At Hometur, we aim to introduce Turkish culture and lifestyle to foreigners, and to help them live more comfortably in Turkey. We share information about life and business opportunities in Turkey, as well as the latest economic indicators, in our blog posts.

We also provide information about the historical and cultural richness of different cities in Turkey. We introduce our customers to many tourist attractions such as the historical structures and museums in Istanbul, the underground cities and fairy chimneys in Cappadocia, the ruins of the ancient city of Ephesus, the historical houses in Mardin, and the historical mosques in Urfa.

As Hometur, we offer foreigners living in Turkey the opportunity to experience Turkish culture. At the same time, we provide special services to foreigners who want to invest in Turkey. We offer our customers special solutions in areas such as real estate investments, interior design, furniture, accessories, and decoration. With these services, we aim to help foreigners live and invest comfortably and safely in Turkey.
We believe that Turkey has so much to offer to foreigners, from its rich history, culture, and natural beauty, to its warm and hospitable people. Our goal is to help you experience the best of Turkey, whether you are looking for a second home, a retirement spot, or a new life adventure.


Our vision:

* We believe that the dynamic of all sectors is the difference in creativity and approach. We believe that the factors that make the pioneers that enable the development of the sectors different from the others are innovation, vision difference, and customer focus. In our opinion, every company should add something to its small or large sector.
* Every company should try to solve the entrenched problems of the sector, even if it is on its axis. As a result of these efforts, sectoral experiences, and knowledge, a better quality supply will be offered. Increasing the quality of the service provided will have a positive impact on the quality and profitability of our industry.
* In our opinion, it is necessary to give much more to get more. You will deserve more when you can offer a better one. With this philosophy, we are improving our infrastructure and services daily and trying to be the innovative face of the sector.
* For the development of the general quality of the real estate sector, the effort and synergy of all other sector representatives, such as our company, is required. However, our company, which beliefs in perfectionism, will not break with this innovative vision even if it is alone.


Our Mission:

* To provide our customers with the most accurate real estate options possible and to ensure that every day spent in real estate, not only at the sale or rental stage, is spent in satisfaction.
* To meet our customers with the highest service quality standards in the sector, with the right analysis of needs and expertise.
* Our customers with fast, consistent, and reliable service.
* To follow the sector’s innovations closely and ensure that our customers benefit from all developments.
* To create one of the largest real estate databases in our country.
* To become a brand by making a difference in our sector where the supply is very intense.
* To win all our customers with our positive references, without needing advertisements, signboards, or announcements.


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