Ancient City of Anemurium (Anemurium Antik Kenti)

Due to its location on one of Turkey’s southernmost shores, Anemurium Ancient City has historically been thought of as a link to Cyprus. In the fourth century, its name first occurs on a Roman list of ports. Although it grew and became wealthy because it was a significant export port, the Sassanid occupation caused it to decline. Later, the city had a new period of prosperity under Zeno of Isaura. After Arab assaults in the sixth century forced its early abandonment, it was ruled by the Seljuks in the eleventh and the Ottomans in the sixteenth centuries. In the ancient city of Anemurium, the majority of the walls are still standing and in good condition which is that means, the city is one of the best preservented ancient cities on Turkey.
When Anemurium’s initial settlement started is unknown. It can be assumed that the city existed in the fourth century BC because its name appears in a list of ports. King IV established Anemurium, a region of the Kingdom of Commagene that started to grow in the first century AD. It is well known that Antiochus had coins made. During this time, the city’s perimeter walls were constructed. The historic city is surrounded by zigzag fortress walls, and a wall that desc The city and the sea are linked, and there is a stunning beach nearby with crystal-clear water and little crowds. If you visit during the right time of year, you can use snorkeling gear and sea goggles to view the city’s underwater remains. Around the historic city’s entrance, there are a lot of fish restaurants ; We suggest trying the local fish called “Lagos fish.” It is best to visit the ancient city of Anemurium in the afternoon because, due to the city’s location on a hill to the west, the sun’s effect is less noticeable during the morning hours. This is especially true during hotter months.


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