Become a dual citizen of Turkey

You can obtain a citizenship of other countries by fallowing different  path of ways. -marriage to a citizen ,adoption by a citizen, entering into public or official service in a country ect.- Acquisition of a citizenship is a long termed process but you may find resources to assist you with this procedure all over the internet, whether it be by purchasing a passport or researching your family tree in the hopes that a relative’s original citizenship will somehow magically drop upon you as well. Those are undoubtedly tried-and-true routes. 

 There are three ways to become a citizen of  Turkey as indicated below:

• By descent, if you have a relative who can grant you Turkish citizenship.
• By naturalization if you spent sufficient time residing and working in  Turkey to be eligible for citizenship.
• By investing, if you have sufficient funds to do so and gain citizenship in Turkey.

a) Citizenship by Descent,
You need to have an ancestor who was born in Turkey. —typically a parent—in order to gain citizenship through descent. However, if your grandparents or great-grandparents were citizens of the country you’re trying to get in. You can still be eligible, depending on the nation in which you apply for citizenship.
If you meet the requirements, obtaining citizenship by ancestry is one of the simplest and least expensive methods to get a passport. Your ancestors’ (parents, grandparents, etc.) citizenship must not have been lost or forfeited in order for it to be passed on to you. Even if they do not reside in the target country, they must still be entitled to it.

dual citizen

 How to Submit a Citizenship by Descent Application?

You must gather the necessary documentation, complete the application form, and deliver it to the nearest representative office of  Turkey  in order to apply for citizenship by ancestry. One of the necessary documents is proof that your ancestor was a citizen of the nation in which you are applying for citizenship. Previously held passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, documentation proving refugee status, etc.
Please be aware that processing times can range from a few months to a year, depending on the workload of the embassy and the time needed to confirm your ancestors’ citizenship in the target nation.

b) Citizenship by Naturalization
You can become a naturalized citizen in Turkey.  If you have worked and lived in the country you want to get a cizitenship for a minimum of five years (or more depending on the country). The application process for naturalization varies depending on which pathway to citizenship you followed, ( i.e., work or marriage.) In addition, you must show evidence of language proficiency to be considered qualified for citizenship by naturalization.

c) Citizenship via Marital Union

Marrying a citizen of Turkey is another way to gain citizenship. In most nations, three years after getting married, you can apply for naturalization. However, before you may apply, both of you must meet the requirements for citizenship (including the language requirements) if your partner is a foreign national.
d) Citizenship by Investment 
If you have enough money to cover your investment, you can obtain citizenship through investment schemes and obtain a passport.
Every country has different investment options and funding requirements for citizenship initiatives. (For Turkey ; $400.00 + ) The most popular investments, however, are buying government bonds or real estate. Then, after three or five years, you receive a passport from the target country. To obtain citizenship, you often only need to spend a few days there each year; no language proficiency is required.


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