Beginning in 2023, the commission paid to real estate agents will double.

Beginning in 2023, the commission paid to real estate agents will double. In early October 2022, the official order that adjusted the minimum charge for real estate services for 2023 was released.As a result, the intermediary tariff increased in response to the increase in rental costs. And instantly by 100%.

This is not just due to inflation; due to the rise in landlord-tenant disputes, the mediation system has recently seen increased use, and realtors are now involved not only in the showing, delivery, and acceptance of apartments and homes but also act as a sort of “mediators” in legal processes. According to recently discovered figures, over three million court cases were successfully handled owing to the additional consultations of realtors and their testimony in court; disagreements between the parties with the help of specialists were resolved significantly more quickly.

real estate commission

In order to be able to enlist his support in the event that something unexpectedly goes wrong, many tenants (as well as apartment owners) are increasingly attempting to hire a very experienced real estate agent rather than the first one they come across.

As a result, the increase in the specialist’s charge appears to be appropriate given the growth in “functionality” and the expansion of the field of responsibility, albeit Turkish citizens are unsatisfied with the rate increase’s size.

Parallel to this, the war against illegal realtors is ongoing nationwide, and landlords are now subject to increasingly frequent fines for infractions.

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