Cleopatra Gate (Kleopatra Kapısı)

Cleopatra Gate, Tarsus doesn’t have a coastline today, but it was a significant city port during the Roman Empire, surrounded by two concentric fortification walls. Three gates could be found on these walls: the Adana Gate leading to the neighboring city of Adana, the Cleopatra’s Gate leading to the Mediterranean coastline, and the mountain gate leading to the Toros Mountains. According to legend, to meet with Roman General Mark Antony and negotiate to ally against Octavian, Cleopatra entered Tarsus through the port gate, and at that moment, The world witnessed the most iconic, passionate love story of history. Cleopatra and Mark Antony.

The Story of “Cleopatra and Mark Antonys’ love” began Six years after Julius Caesar, the magnificent Roman Emperor arrival in Tarsus in BC 47. Then in BC 41, a very significant visitor from Egypt arrived. The magnificence of the visitor’s ship was a serve with its’ beautiful crimson atlas sails, silver oars, and gold-plated hull. Once the Ship anchored to the harbor. The Roman general Marcus Antonius was prepared to welcome his lover in the city which was known for its fortified walls. Once The Egyptian queen Cleopatra had arrived in Tarsus through the Sea Gate after Marcus Antonius planned a grand ceremony for her at the port of the time, Gözlü Kule. This passionate encounter took place at Tarsus’ entrance’s Cleopatra Gate with its stone arch.


At that time, Tarsus was already well-known in the fields of politics, economics, and intellectual life. Antony quickly transformed Tarsus into a military camp where the Eastern arm of Rome is governed after realizing the disparity in this strength. When Antony dispatched his close friend Quintus Dellius to Egypt to learn more about Cleopatra’s suspected help to Cassius, the meeting of Cleopatra and Antony took place in Tarsus.
Questioning the purported assistance during the Roman Civil War was Antony’s justification. The real goal was to win Cleopatra over to Octavian’s side.
But Things didn’t go as planned and the magnificent and romantic setting of Tarsus is where whirlwind romance occurred, and it became the center and purpose of their lives for both of them.

• Three gates—the Mountain Gate, the Adana Gate, and the Sea Gate—were included in the Byzantine-era city fortifications. 18 Of Tarsus. until the end of the century, only the sea entrance, known as the Cleopatra Gate, with a single arch on two legs, remained. Its three-door walls, which were fairly solid, were destroyed by Ibrahim Pasha of Egypt in 1835.
• Even though Cleopatra’s Gate has experienced the sainthood of repair today, it still greets you majestically as you approach Tarsus.
• One of the greatest loves in history was that between Antony and Cleopatra, which started at the Cleopatra gate, which is still regarded as the most romantic gate in history.

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