Cosmopolitan Structure and Advantages of Mersin:
Mersin, formerly known as “Içel”, is a Mediterranean, coastal city located in the south of Turkey. Mersin, the 11th l largest city in Turkey, has recently made rapid progress in trading and sociocultural structure with a wave of migration consisting of different geographical and ethnic origins. The City Harbour
, where important figures such as Cleopatra, Julius Caesar and Marcus Antonius anchored when they came to Mersin in history, plays a major role in the commercial power of the city. The Harbour, geographical location, capacity, large truck fleet and railway characteristics of the city ; have made Mersin the most important trade point not only of Turkey but also of the entire Eastern Mediterranean.
With its commercial power, fertile soils, mild climate and free lifestyle, Mersin has become a favorite living center for the people live in turkey or abroad.
People of this city with different cultures, ancestors and historical backgrounds live Decently together in a peaceful environment. Different societies continue to coexist smoothly and Decisively. Thanks to their non-problematic lifestyle, the quality of life is quite high.
Mersin, which is home to many races and different cultures, is a city with a cosmopolitan structure.
Although the official language of the Republic of Turkey has been accepted as Turkish, it is possible to meet people who speak their native languages such as Kurdish, Russian, Arabic on the streets of Mersin. The cultural wealth found within the city gives the region a unique identity. At the same time, the people who live in the city have the opportunity to be in touch with many people, people with different past, history and knowledge. Residents can feel sophisticated with these experiences as people with a broad outlook on the general world.
The important position of the city of Mersin in the trade sector with its harbour, which has a large capacity in many areas, has led to the fact that it has a diversified economy that is very suitable for global competition. – Mersin has a importand harbour location Especially for the fresh fruit and vegetable trade globally-
Cosmopolitan Sctructure of Mersin is home to many small businesses and individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit, therefore Globally known firms see the coastal city of Mersin as an attractive place to work. It’s where they invest in and provide job opprtunities to businesses and individuals with entrepreneurial spirits.
At the same time, Mersin is among the cities preferred by domestic and foreign tourists as cultural, summer and business tourism with its proximity to Antalya as a location.
Mersin is a preffered location with its breathtaking beauty bays, quiet holiday municipalities away from the city crowds, historical past and the Mediterranean Sea stretching across the city .

The fact that the cosmopolitan land in Mersin is developed increases the interest of local houses who want to invest in real estate in this region.

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