Earthquake Risks in Turkey

  • Urgent Reconstructıon Of Half a Million Apartment Buildings in Turkey

How are the hazards associated with earthquakes being managed by Turkish authorities? Turkey is constantly transforming its cities; entire city districts have undergone renovations to increase their seismic resistance. There are now ultra-modern reinforced concrete buildings constructed in place of the dated, worn-out facades of dwellings. In Turkey, an estimated 6.7 million properties will undergo renovations. It is intended to repair 1.5 million structures by 2023. (300,000 buildings – in Istanbul).

In 25 cities, restoration work has been stepped up as a result of an assessment of the country’s potential earthquake risks by Turkey’s Ministry of Environment and Urban Development. More than 2 billion euros have been spent on urban change in Turkey since 2012, when a program to fortify structures against earthquakes was introduced.

Earthquake Risks in Turkey

  • Revealed areas of Turkey Where Need Earthquake Protection

263 seismic risk zones have been identified in 59 provinces of Turkey, and over the course of the next five years, 1.5 million residential buildings will be repaired in these zones in accordance with the earthquake safety program. The Turkish weekly Emlak Kulisi, which specializes in real estate and building, released this information with citation to the Ministry of Environment and Urban Development. For this program, the Turkish government has already allocated 4.5 billion TL (nearly 0.5 billion euros) from its 2021–2023 budget. The government intends to renovate 600 residential structures in seismic risk areas with this money.

When purchasing a house in Turkey, which provinces have to be stayed away from due to the risk of earthquakes? Hatay ,Izmir, Bursa,Kahraman Maras ,Antep Istanbul, Van, Bolu, and Denizli are among the seismically hazardous regions. Since the region of Antalya is thought to be earthquake-safe, many foreigners opt to purchase seaside apartments there.

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