In The Near Future, Turkey Will Get Three More New Airports

In The Near Future, Turkey Will Get Three More New Airports

The Republic of Turkey is committed to establishing its own airports in all significant cities. The anticipated opening dates of three new air hubs, which will start accepting passengers in 2022–2023, have finally been revealed.

They will be Chukurov, Bayburt-Gumushkhane, and Yozgat airports.

When Chukurov Airport is ultimately turned over, the foundation for it has already been established in the Tarsus (Mersin) region. It will then rank as Turkey’s fourth-largest airport.

Construction is proceeding as planned, and it is also very close to completion. By the end of this year, in 2022, the massive project should be operational.


Many cities in the Mediterranean region, especially the provinces of Mersin and Adana, will be able to use this aviation hub.

Yozgat Airport (located in the Deremumlu-Fakibeyli region) is expected to open at the end of 2023.

As for Bayburt-Gyumyushkhane Airport (Kese District), it will likely open its doors to passengers and provide aircraft runways in the first quarter of 2023. The project’s investment cost is 987 million TL (until the end of March).

Keep in mind that Turkey’s air traffic is increasing daily. Despite the epidemic, passenger traffic by the end of 2021 reached over 1.5 million persons (1,461,577 residential units). Regarding the number of flights operated throughout Europe, The New Airport (Istanbul) frequently sets records.

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