Investors are Becomıng Forced to Search for Options Due to Increasıng House Prices

Investors are Becomıng Forced to Search for Options Due to Increasıng House Prices. People who want to invest their funds in real estate are forced to look at alternate choices due to the property market’s quick rise in price. Specifically Linked to non-residential real estate, such as commercial. Such items were sold in Turkey in October 2022 in an amount that was 1.5 times greater than the number of housing units (102,606).

Which is not surprising given that non-residential real estate is particularly appealing to people who lack the resources to purchase, say, an apartment. Therefore, in October, there was a high demand for commercial real estate, including offices and workplaces, as well as land plots for development and fields.


According to Ahmet Buyukduman, managing partner of the Istanbul Real Estate Appraisal Agency, the majority of transactions in the non-residential real estate segment in October involved land, particularly fields. They are becoming notably more in demand.

Especially on building lots where you can construct your own residence, such as a small complex for multiple families or a cheap industrial house (for yourself and relatives).

The expert advised those who intended to invest in land and fields to «… first of all, pick regions close to the transit axes. Additionally, you should inspect the property before buying it so you can see it for yourself.

By the way, one million land plots in 81 provinces have been placed up for sale as a part of the continuing and at the same time greatest project in the history of the Republic of Turkey to create social housing for low-income individuals. These plots will come with a 10-year interest-free payment option available to future buyers.

Municipalities occasionally also make announcements about their own appealing promotions. For instance, it was recently reported that plots were being sold in Izmir Dikili; in Amasya, allotments start at around 14,600 TL. Additionally, there is a chance to receive a car as a gift when purchasing land in several provinces simultaneously.

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