Is South West Turkey Safe to Move to and Buy a House?

Is South West Turkey Safe to Move to and Buy a House?

Is South West Turkey Safe to Move to and Buy a House?

Is it safe to move to Turkey from the South West and buy a house? The answer to this question has been asked a lot in recent years. If you are wondering about the answer to this question, you can look at the information on this page. At Hometur.net, we collect the ideal home campaigns for citizens coming to our country from abroad. We recommend you carefully read this content as a guide for citizens who want to buy a house in our country.

How can a foreigner buy a house in Turkey?

Articles 35 and 36 of the Land Registry Law No. 2644 regulate the ability of foreigners to purchase real estate in Turkey. It is not necessary to obtain a residence permit in Turkey to purchase immovable property. So you can buy real estate even if you don’t have a residence permit. Due to the latest developments in the Middle East, our country has hosted many foreign nationals. With the legalization of Turkish citizenship, granted to foreigners who buy real estate in Turkey worth at least $250,000 or invest $500,000 or more, the demand for home ownership in Turkey is increasing. According to current Turkish law, an official contract for the transfer of immovable property must be signed at the Land Registry, where the immovable property is located. It is also possible to sign a “Sales Contract Commitment” in the presence of a notary public before the official sale.

Are There Any Limitations When Foreigners Buy Real Estate?

There are several restrictions for citizens who will buy real estate from our country. At the beginning of these restrictions, it will be able to purchase immovables in our country as a workplace or residence. However, while this purchase is taking place, the total area of ​​the immovables that a foreign person can buy in our country should not exceed 30 hectares. Foreign citizens are also required to obtain permission from the military authority in the region before purchasing the immovable. If the real estate subject to our content is located within the security zone, foreign citizens will not be able to purchase these houses.

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