Is Turkey a Good Place to Invest? Why?

Is Turkey a Good Place to Invest? Why?

Is Turkey a Good Place to Invest? Why? 
Is Turkey an excellent place to invest? Why? Why? This question is one of the most frequently asked questions in recent years. By reading this content carefully, you can easily access all the necessary information to invest in Turkey. In addition to all this information, you can have the perfect real estate by choosing hometur.net, which is one of the ideal consultancy services for investing in our country.
Why Should You Invest in Real Estate in Turkey?
Turkish real estate sector; is one of the sectors that can continue to grow despite all the economic, political, and social problems we experience as a country. According to the Turkish Statistical Institute, with 1 million 409,000 314 houses changing hands in 2017, Turkey’s house sales increased by 5.6%. The number of residential sales at the end of September 2018 was 1,020,391. Despite all the problems experienced in 2017, our country has achieved results that reflect confidence in the real estate sector and the stability of the Turkish economy. In addition, granting citizenship to foreign investors who purchase real estate in our country is a pleasing development in attracting foreign investors. Foreign investors can acquire Turkish citizenship by purchasing properties worth at least $250,000.
Why Should I Invest in Turkey?
At Hometur, we want to tell corporate and individual investors about the real estate sector in Turkey, the best opportunities, and the right way to the world. For this reason, we know that incredibly individual investors need guides that will show them what they should pay attention to when investing in Turkey and guide them. Thanks to the investments you will make in our country, you can amortize the amount you have invested in a short time. As experienced real estate consultants, we offer you all the services investors need. In short, we provide you with all your transactions when you arrive in our country, such as airport pick-up – accommodation arrangement – official document consultancy. In addition to these services, we provide after-sales support in your native language, enabling you to receive service quickly whenever you need help.
We have mentioned some tricks about the advantages of investing in Turkey in this content. You can direct your questions to us through our contact addresses.

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