Mersin Real Estate

Mersin Real Estate

With Mersin real estate services, you will have the opportunity to easily access all the immovables you need. You can contact us via our contact addresses to get detailed information about the services available on our site. As Mersin real estate appraisal firm, we offer a professional solution and support partnership to you, our valued customers, with a significant business volume with high commercial potential. Thanks to our company’s precedent real estate valuation, we are always with you as one of the leading companies in our country with its professional work team and expert staff. Our real estate valuation and consultancy services are just some of the services we offer you. By reading our content, you can look closely at all the services we provide as Mersin real estate consultancy services.

Mersin Real Estate Citizenship

With the recent changes in the law in our country, foreign nationals are entitled to Turkish Citizenship by purchasing immovable real estate worth only $400,000. With this law, the immovable property worth $400,000 you have purchased must be a title deed and not be sold for three years after purchase. Following the receipt of the immovable certificate issued by the Capital and Markets Board serving in our country, the statement that the immovable you purchased in Mersin cannot be sold for three years will be added. Having a foreign nationality, he will contact our company to gain the right to Citizenship in our country. The value of $400,000 has been determined instantly at the current exchange rate, and the institution that determines the exchange rate is the Central Bank serving our country.

Mersin Real Estate Prices

Mersin real estate prices have a variable index that constantly changes. You can choose hometur.net’s most affordable projects if you complain about this index. Mersin is located in the Mediterranean region and is a port city in our country. The city is growing in many areas. Mersin, formerly known as İçel. In addition, the city ranks eleventh among the most populated cities in our country. When we look at Mersin geographically, we see that the province has two important gateways: Sertavul and Gülek Strait. Tarsus Plain is the largest plain here. The province has a warm and temperate climate. Summers are hot and extremely humid. Winters are generally mild and rainy. This situation offers a possible city for those who love hot weather and always want to live in hot climate regions. When we evaluate this beautiful city from an economic point of view, we see that it is our country’s most important domestic tourism center.

Mersin Real Estate Prices 2023

Mersin real estate prices were updated in 2023 and announced on our website. You can have information about the most up-to-date real estate and real estate prices by browsing the advertisements on our site. If you want to receive service from us, you can easily contact us through our contact addresses. As Hometur.net website, you can look at our advertisements for flats and residences in Mersin. Professional real estate experts in our company will assist you in all these processes. Whether you are a local or foreign consultant, we have portfolios suitable for all audiences.

Mersin Real Estate Sites

If you are looking for an apartment for sale in Mersin, you will find the latest ads on hometur.net. The idea of ​​​​buying an apartment for sale is at the top of almost everyone’s list of ways to evaluate their savings. There are many factors for us to sell flats. For most people, some factors are the same. You will likely be a tenant if your home is not a family home. Monthly rental costs rising every year, and exposure to ever-changing landlords are the main reasons behind the idea of ​​renting and buying a home on your own for years. When renting a house, we combine your landlord’s life with your own. If the landlord asks you to leave the house, finding the house you want at an affordable price becomes a big challenge in your life. Inevitably we have to deal with rent doubling every year. In addition, as a tenant, we can’t design every corner of your house as you wish.

Mersin Real Estate and Legal Consultancy

At Mersin real estate and legal consultancy office, thousands of people looking for apartments for sale find the houses of their dreams by browsing the current advertisements on hometur.net. You can easily choose all these immovables for investment or daily use. You can easily bid on the advertisements on our website for 1+1,2+1,3+1 and ultra-luxury apartments for sale in Mersin. Thanks to our legal consultants serving in our company, we bring together all the transactions you need to know and bring them to the level you can sign for yourself. In this way, in the legal processes, all stages of which are completed, you only have the stage of signing.

Getting Mersin Citizenship

You can contact home tour real estate consultancy services to get Citizenship from Mersin, one of the most beautiful provinces of our country. With the real estate law attorneys and Mersin real estate attorney services available in our firm, the Turkish citizenship services of foreigners are completed most easily. There are several procedures you must follow to gain Citizenship in our country. One of these procedures is to gain direct Citizenship by investing in our country. The application for Turkish Citizenship is processed by purchasing real estate with a total value of at least $400,000 and applying to the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre. The application is sent to the Department of Environment and Urbanization, with the real estate appraisal report confirming that the purchased real estate/real estate is at least $400,000. After the examination, the Ministry asked TKGM (General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre) to put a “cannot be sold for three years” note on the land registry. After the Ministry sends the application to the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship, the process enters the final stage. You are invited to NVIGM (General Directorate of Population and Citizenship) to obtain a Turkish Identity Card and a Turkish Passport.

Mersin Home Renovation

The Mersin home renovation process is preferred by foreign nationals who come from abroad and want to obtain a residence permit in our country. Thanks to this service, he has the opportunity to have all transactions related to the real estate purchased on a turnkey basis. Thanks to our staff that has the most advanced masters in Turkey, together with its expert staff, we help you, our valued customers, in the sale of residences to foreigners.

Private Real Estate Sales to Foreigners

Foreigners who buy real estate in Turkey do not need a residence permit. However, there are some legal restrictions on real estate that can be sold to foreigners. Article 35 of the Land Registry Law No. 2644 limits the real estate that foreigners can purchase as follows:

“Foreign real persons, who are citizens of a country determined by the President, can acquire real estate and limited property rights in Turkey, provided that legal restrictions are complied with, in cases where international bilateral relations and national interests require it. The total amount of real estate acquired by foreign entities and limited independence permanent property rights.” Its area cannot exceed ten percent of the private property area in the district and 30 hectares per capita throughout the country.

According to the relevant laws and regulations, it is possible to purchase real estate not exceeding 30 hectares. Foreigners make the following commitments when selling real estate:

“The amount of independent and permanently limited real rights and immovables that I have acquired on the territory of the Republic of Turkey, including this immovable, does not exceed thirty hectares. If otherwise agreed, I unconditionally accept and undertake this. The surplus will be liquidated and converted into value.

Seaside House For Sale In Mersin

Thanks to the seaside house for sale in Mersin, you can look at all the house ads in our company. Our seaside houses are very popular with their popular locations and their view. You can have information about the most popular advertisements in summer by browsing the advertisements available on Hometur.net.

Mersin House Projects

Mersin house listings are one of the best options for those looking for apartments for sale. Our houses are generally the right choices to meet your needs, as they have high square meters. Whether you are a very crowded family or you will live alone, all you need to do to have Mersin house ads specially designed for all our families is to visit our relevant pages and view the ads. This way, you can easily browse through all the ads you need. You can get information from our Mersin real estate consultants to have information about our favorite projects. Our real estate consultants will tell you about the houses and projects with all methods, including virtual tours, and all the questions that remain in your mind will be answered. In addition, turnkey project services will also be provided for those who want to obtain Citizenship and for our customers who want to receive services. For all your questions and other details, you can contact us via the information in the contact tab.

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