Now You can Fly to Turkey as Well With “POBEDA”

From December, the Russian airline “Pobeda” is likely to resume regular service to Turkey. In particular, a request for the introduction of daily flights to Antalya beginning on December 23 has already been made to the Federal Air Transport Agency. Pobeda therefore provided a welcome New Year’s gift for Russians who reside in Turkey or frequently visit there.


Although these rumors have not yet been verified, «Pobeda» may also travel to Istanbul, as «Aeroflot» emphasizes, «… no decision has yet been made».
Nevertheless, after the long time of “aviation dry ration,” the options to travel to Turkish resorts and beyond are progressively growing. Not just at the expense of the airline “Aeroflot” and its “daughter,” “Pobeda”: There were a number of stories about this last summer. In particular, Aeroflot established a massive flight program, greatly streamlining Russian travel to the Aegean coast due to the huge demand for flights. In addition to the previously announced arrival of Air Anka, Turkey also announced the construction of a new airline, Southwind, exclusively for the transportation of Russian residents.

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