Russians bought every fifth apartment purchased by foreigners in 2022.

Russians closed every fifth transaction with overseas investors this year, according to Omer Faruk Akbal, the head of the board of directors of the Association for the Promotion of Real Estate Abroad (GIGDER).

Interested foreign buyers who select any of the branded lots currently invest an average of $245,000 toward the purchase of housing; many potential buyers base their decisions on information from firms like Kinght Frank and Savills, which specialize specifically in states where real estate offers the potential to make good money.

«Countries like the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Montenegro, and Greece have set the example for us. becoming the nation where Russians purchase homes most frequently,” said Mr. Akbal.


Even among nations that grant Russian Federation citizens visa freedom in the current political and economic atmosphere, Turkey stands out positively, and Russians appreciate the country’s pleasant climate, comfortable surroundings, and close proximity to their homeland. Additionally, airlines are adding more flights between Turkey and Russia one after the other: «Pobeda» will shortly be operating on a regular schedule again.

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