Russians Now Have New Options For Making Regular Payments

Russians Now Have New Options For Making Regular Payments
A new method of payment has recently been available to Russians living in Turkey.Recall that Turkish businesses recently stopped servicing and accepting Russian MIR cards for payment. Despite the fact that for several months, Russian immigrants and visitors relied on the MIR maps, they were nevertheless a lifesaver.
The MIR label is even being removed from ATMs, thus it appears that the issue of Turkey’s rejection of the Russian payment system will take some time to resolve.

Now Have New Options

Russians Now Have New Options For Making Regular Payments
Turkey won’t suffer a financial loss as a result of the influx of Russian citizens, though, since urgent measures to remedy the problem are already being debated at the “top.”
What is already in place: the ability to get and use Turkish TROY cards for payment. Let’s be clear that TROY is a Turkish form of payment; bank cards function normally.
Tourists shouldn’t celebrate just yet, though, as TROY cards are currently only given to those who have been in Turkey for an extended period of time. This is true even if obtaining a card is not difficult and simply requires a few documents and a free tax number on Turkish land. Those who have a visa to live in Russia.
The Federal Tourism Agency’s director attested to the accuracy of this material. Therefore, even though it is now simpler for “locals” to pay for goods, services, and withdraw money from ATMs, tourists will still need to travel with cash for a while. Come prepared instead with rubles; although not at the best rate, they can be exchanged at nearly any exchanger.

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