Sustainable Engineering?
During the period in which we are testing the extreme points of strength and Decisiveness, it has been observed that extraordinary results can be achieved by the combined work of engineers and enterprises. However, it was thought that this newly emerging joint work could create solutions to some of the critical problems of society. These problems include cyclical economic expenditures caused by the production and use of buildings, and damage to the ecological environment in building – energy production.
The concept of “sustainable engineering”, which emerged with the joint work of engineers and enterprises, is the practice of designing products and processes that increase the material and energy efficiency of the building in order to minimize the environmental impact of the building and protect the ecology while reducing the construction costs.
According to scientists interested in the subject; The decisions made in the product development process are very important. Eighty percent of the environmental impact of a product is determined at this stage. Sustainable engineering, which is based on elements such as material selection, production processes, supplier selection, operational efficiency, recyclability or production design for reuse, is the concept of the path followed at the heart of sustainable architecture.
The engineers should work to increase productivity and to reduce material and energy use at the time, besides that, the public is always the safety, health and welfare of this reason it is imperative that the consideration of “ Sustainability” to be able to minimize the environmental impact of a product concept in his work on Sustainable Energy has become the most important destination by engineers.
Thanks to engineers working on sustainable energy, buildings that are at peace with nature are being built. There is an increase in demand and interest in these structures in the real estate sector. For related information Hometur.net you can follow.

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