Sustainable Resource -Solar Energy- Use in Daily Life of Mersin
All life on Earth comes from the sun, and solar energy serves us in various ways. We can use the sun’s two main forms of energy, light and heat, for various purposes, such as enabling photosynthesis in plants, generating electricity with photovoltaic (PV) cells, and heating water and food. The City of Mersin, where the sun manifests itself in all seasons, is ideal for the use of solar energy.
If the individual has a house suitable for Sustainable architecture built with Sustainable Engineering logic; In the city of Mersin, where daylight is not lacking, he/she/they can get maximum efficiency from the services provided by the sun’s rays, such as electricity, heating, ventilation, lighting with the use of Solar Energy.

There are many methods that convert solar energy into different types of energy and do not harm the ecological system as they provide comfort to the individual in their daily lives.

Electricity Generation by Solar Energy
Electricity generation through the application of solar energy has gained great momentum in recent years. The decrease in solar panel costs and the realization of the financial and environmental benefits of solar energy by more people have made the electricity supply from the sun’s rays more and more accessible.
In order for solar energy to be harnessed, technicians usually install a distributed solar photovoltaic (PV) system on the roofs of houses or businesses. Installed solar energy systems are tasked with generating electricity to balance the use of the property owner and send excess production to the power grid.

A solar cell produces enough electricity to allow you to use solar energy after sunset, power an electric vehicle during the night, or provide backup power in case of emergency.
* Water Heating with Solar Energy
The use of solar energy extends to water heating systems. Most solar water heaters create hot water that people use inside the home. Solar water heaters use rooftop cells to absorb the sun’s heat and transfer it to the water tank.
The heating process of the water usually starts with the solar panels placed by the technicians at the top of the property. When the sun touches the glass pipes, the glasses act as lenses and heat the water rotating in them and are transmitted to the reservoir. In 2 hours period, the temperature of the water can be reached up to approximately 80 degrees Celsius.
* Building Heating with Solar Energy
Common uses of solar space heating systems include powering radiant Decking to heat a property or pairing it with a forced hot air system.
Passive solar home designs can also heat homes and businesses in winter, taking into account the window placement and the materials used in the building.
* Enlightenment with Solar Energy
It is easy to get lighting systems designed based on solar energy – lighting technologies – and individuals can encounter these lighting devices in many places in their daily lives. These devices can be found in every part of daily life, such as street lights, traffic lights, from house moldigs.

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