The Local Dessert of Mersin, Cezerye ;

The Local Dessert of Mersin, Cezerye; Produced in the Mediterranean Region such as Adana, especially in Mersin, has become a beloved dessert in Turkey with its natural taste and the benefits it adds to the human body. The main ingredient that makes up the Cezerye dessert is carrot fruit. Cezerye is produced by peeling and boiling the collected carrots. Carrots, softened with hot water are mashed, then carrots turns to puree, which comes to a consistency, is mixed with sugar and spices and cooked for a while. By adding hazelnuts, pistachios or walnuts to the cezerye, it beomces tastier. After these processes, coconut is added to it and left to cool.
Cezerye, which does not pose a problem for vegan consumption due to its content, is produced by blending products rich in omega 3 and vitamins of group A.


* Carrots, which are the basic building material of cezerye, are very rich in vitamin A. For this reason, cezerye products help to make positive progress in eye health when consumed regularly.
* Cezerye varieties with hazelnut aroma provide a positive effect on your skin health and help to make your skin look more shinny and healthy thanks to the nuts it contains. Hazelnut Cezerye,has an anti-aging effect and minimizes hair loss by creating positive effects on hair health.
* With the rich nutritional content they contain, Cezerye products are a powerful source of energy and can be used to relieve chronic fatigue.
* If consumed regularly, Cezerye is a food that provides support for an individual to fight stress.
* Cezerye products have an important place in the treatment of diseases such as constipation by regulating the digestive system due to the fact that carrots, which are its raw material, are rich in fiber.
* Cezerye benefits the brain with its ability to strengthen nerve cells. Thus, it minimizes the risk of developing diseases such as Alzheimer’s, which are likely to occur in later ages.


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