The Maiden Castle (Kız Kalesi)
People are surprised to see an islet with a view of the Mediterranean Sea only 200 meters from Mersin’s coastline. Since the Mersin Maiden castle rises on this tiny island with its’ bastions and towering walls and lends the area its name called “Kız Kalesi”
With its legend, Kızkalesi ”The Maiden Castle” is the most unique and well-known historical island in the Mediterranean. “The Sea Castle” is another name for Kizkalesi and it is also known as “Korykos “ historically. According to Herodotus, a Cypriot ruler is said to have built Kızkalesi. But later thanks to an inscription that was discovered there the truth was revealed and it turned out the Castle was constructed by Leon in 1199 for The king’s daughter who was destined to die with a bite of a snake.
According to the myth, it’s not wrong to say the whole castle was built on a father’s love for his daughter and his failed attempt to trick death and faith. The myth starts with a father’s beggings to God.
The King of the Krikos was praying for a child. One day God heard his cries and gave him a daughter, but that gift was sent with an inevitable curse that was going to reveal itself years later. The Years passed swiftly and the King’s daughter becomes a pretty young lady known for her pure heart. Her kindness, beauty, and humane nature. Her
personality and looks were doing the rounds all over the kingdom. One day a known fortune teller was requested by the king to the palace with the aim of the get knowledge of the unpredictable future for his beloved. Once the Teller saw the Princess, he whispered to the king’s ear
“Your daughter is going to be bit by a snake and you’ll be not able to protect her. You’re going to suffer and feel the pain of losing a child for the rest of your life.”
Tellers’ prophecy
made the devastated king look for ways to take his pain away and keep his daughter safe. Once he found the idea, He commanded and a castle was built literally in the middle of the sea, surrounded by the Mediterranean Seas’ endless blues; where no snake can swim or reach.
The Princess who did not know her prophecy, became sick as the days goes by trapped in the castle on her own. She was the king’s reason for life and the king was trying to do anything to make her happy. For the king, She was safe and alive without any fear or danger of snakes and that was enough.
As the years goes by, A basket of grapes was shipped to the castle among the other fruits. But that basket was different because that basket was carrying fate itself.
Once the princess laid her hand to get the grape a little snake which had hid on the vine came out and bit her hand. That became the moment when the prophecy fulfillmented. With the venom of the snake the princesses’ trapped days on castle had come to end.

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