Tomb/ Mausoleum Of Daniel (Danyal Makamı)
Located near Tarsus, Turkey, the Mausoleum of Danyal (Turkish: Danyal Makam) is a tiny compound that includes a mosque and a tomb that is thought to belong to the biblical character Daniel. During a repair, the mosque-tomb complex’s basement revealed two Roman bridge arches. The Makam Mosque, also known as Makam-erif, was constructed in Tarsus on the site of the prophet Daniel’s tomb. The mosque’s name derives from the fact that a prophet is buried there. (In Turkish, “makam” refers to a place where notable people repose) The neighborhood where the mosque is located was named after the mosque. People here believe in the Prophet Daniels’ body lies in there. But he doesn’t want his coffin to be found. The sentence might sound confusing but in Tarsus, people do believe in that myth. According to locals, when archaeologists were digging, they suddenly fainted. Afterward, another team showed up and the same thing happened again. It’s not known whether it’s true or not but some people believe in it.
In History Daniel is known as the savior of jews from the Babylons. Daniel was dispatched to the Jews in the seventh century BC. The Babylonian empire had the Jews in captive at that time. Nabuchadnaser, the second king of Babylon, forbade the birth of any Jewish children after foreseeing the end of his rule in a dream involving a Jewish boy. Daniel was then raised by two lions after his family abandoned him in a cave. The Jewish people were set free from the Babylonian captivity by the prophet Daniel, who matured with time. Prophet Daniel, who gained worldwide renown as the “prophet of abundance,” He received an invitation to Tarsus, the famine-stricken capital of the Cilician region at the time. The inhabitants of Tarsus started to experience abundance with the Prophet Daniel’s existence in the city, and they did not want him to leave. Prophet Daniel was buried in the area where the current Makam Mosque is now after his death, in Tarsus.

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