Turkish secondary housing will be evaluated and sold in accordance with the new rules.

Turkish publications forecast that the introduction of the most recent system for evaluating secondary housing will usher in a new era in Turkey’s secondary real estate markets. The price of a property will be determined by the new method taking into account a variety of elements, such as the building’s age and condition, urban zoning, seismic risk, and many more.

It will be simpler to govern Turkey’s real estate market with the implementation of the new evaluation system for secondary homes and apartments because sellers won’t be able to artificially inflate prices, according to experts. Apartment owners who want to sell their units must now register them in the general computerized system and change their asking prices in line with the pricing elements that will be implemented soon.

In addition, with the new rules ;  only licensed real estate agencies in Turkey may sell second-hand property, and the owner of the apartment must first reach an arrangement with one of these companies.

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