What’re the Benefits of the Turkish Citizenship?
Turkey is renowned as a vacation destination because of its beautiful natural surroundings, moderate Mediterranean climate, delectable cuisine, and friendly people. But its advantages go beyond only the climate and culture.
Investors become Turkish citizens in order to increase their chances of making profitable investments, growing their businesses, buying real estate, and having the opportunity to apply for an E-2 business visa in the USA.
Travel Without a visa, Visas are not required for entry into 110 countries for Turkish nationals, including Singapore and Hong Kong.
The option exists to apply for an E-2 investor visa and relocate to the US with the entire family. An agreement regarding the issuance of this type of visa has been struck by Turkey and the USA.
The E-2 visa is nonimmigrant, thus you cannot use it to seek for a green card or citizenship. After five years, it can be renewed for another two years.
The E-2 visa does not have a minimum investment requirement. You can receive an EB-5 visa and a green card that opens the door to citizenship if you raise your investment in the American economy by $800,000 or generate ten jobs.
Convenient requirements to become a citizen of Turkey, Investors are not required to renounce their current citizenship or pass any language or national history exams. Furthermore, the applicant is not required to reside in Turkey in order to apply for or retain the status under the investment program.
Under the Social Guarantees, Turkish nationals are entitled to free university education and access to medical care at the nation’s facilities. The inheritance of property and other possessions is likewise unrestricted.
The ability to move the entire family to the UK on a business visa (Turkish Businessperson Visa) in one to two months was until recently one of the benefits of Turkish citizenship. No investments were required; simply transferring funds or starting a business sufficed. You could then apply for citizenship in the UK and the Turkish Businessperson Visa to gain permanent residency there.
At the conclusion of 20202, the Turkish BusinessPerson Visa program was terminated. Its extension is being debated right now.
The potential for obtaining EU citizenship. Turkey is discussing visa-free travel to the Schengen region and says it wants to join the EU.
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