Where Should I Invest in 2023, Then?

Where Should I Invest in 2023, Then?

Where Should I Invest in 2023, Then?

Trust, an intangible asset, will triumph in 2023. Value always increases as supply and demand increase. Over the past few years, trust has been all too hard to come by. Investment and governmental policy disasters have been caused by the erosion of trust.  Just a short sampling:

  • Elizabeth Holmes, the company’s charismatic founder, received an 11-year prison sentence as a result of Theranos’ most recent biotech fraud scheme. She deceived authorities, customers, and led to the loss of $10 billion in market value. Holmes broke the confidence that was placed in her when she wagered on Theranos.
  • The exchange company FTX is the first chapter of cryptocurrency’s worst failure to date. A cult was built around the numerical prowess of the founder, Sam Bankman-Fried. He was playing League of Legends on his PC while on a Zoom call to solicit funding from Sequoia Capital, a renowned international venture capital firm. In the end, Sequoia paid him $214 million, yet he had no board position and no audit records! Have faith. Breathtaking.
  • The worldwide ESG movement has lost credibility. Altruism and hope have always triumphed with ESG, the premise that investments must take into account the impact on the environment and social justice. In fact, for a few years, ESG stocks outperformed the overall market. However, only because carbon-light stocks outperformed energy, defense, and oil stocks. The situation changed a year ago, and ESG stocks are currently underperforming. The case for supporting ESG aims is still strong, but there is no longer any confidence in ESG’s hazy subjectivity. An ESG 2.0 founded on precise facts and data is what is required to rebuild trust.


While trust is a timeless good, it is frequently destroyed by forces such as greed, fear, dogmatic ideology, and charismatic autocrats. In recent years, a wave of these trust-killers has swept the globe. However, investors who are able to see through the economic haze will recognize the revived worth of trust.

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